Koraes Library

Korais Library

Its first collection consisted of books belonging to Adamantios Koraes and other Greek intellectuals from abroad.

Kallimasia Folklore Museum


Folklore Museum in Kallimasia The collection of folklore material and artefacts started in 1995, by the Association “Friends of the Kallimasia Folklore Museum” and it’s President, Yiannis Kolliaros. The idea was to use the 550 sq.m. underground room of the Kallimasia High School in order to house the Museum. The visitor can now see areas […]

Chios Byzantine Museum

Byzantine museums

Chios Byzantine Museum aims to inform the visitors about the history and culture of Chios from the early christian period to the modern era.

Chios Maritime Museum

Maritime museums

chios marinetime museum The Chios Maritime Museum was established to represent the nautical history and traditions of Chios, as well as its role in the contemporary maritime world. Located in the centre of town and enhanced by its traditional early 20th century neo-classic architecture; it is both a cultural centre and an ideal setting for […]

Archaeological Museum Chios


Archaeological Museum Chios presents representative specimens of art from the Final Neolithic period up until the Late Roman Empire.

chios mastic museum

mastic museums

chios mastic museum This museum unveils the secrets of Mastiha cultivation and introduces us to the Culture of Mastiha.  The know-how of Chios mastic cultivation was inscribed in the Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2014. The exhibition introduces us to the traditional mastiha cultivation techniques, the history and culture […]


armolia chios

he village of Armolia is located on the main crossroads to the villages of the south. It lies at a two-kilometre-distance from Kalamoti and twenty kilometers from the town of Chios on a fertile plain.


olympoi village

olympoi Thirty-one kilometers south of the town of Chios and six kilometres after Pyrgi,visitors encounter Olympoi. It is a medieval village of the southern part of the island. Its beautiful houses are connected to each other in a way that used to form its defensive wall. Here there is a central door (to the village) and a defensive […]


lagada chios

lagada Lagada is a picturesque seaside village, located 16 kms northwest by the city of Chios, at the bay of Kolokithia. Here were relocated between 1910-1950 the residents of the today uninhabited area of Kidianta. Built amphitheatrically at a Lagadi ( plain ), which explains the namesake of the village, the village is particularly rich […]


volissos chios

Volissos is the biggest village of northwest Chios, 42 kms far from the capital of Chios. It’s plains, filled with olive trees offers roughly a quarter of the olive oil production of the island.