91 chios beaches are waiting for you

Firstly preparing for a trip and secondly deciding where to go and what to see is a pleasant task but sometimes complicated. As a result we decided to support you.  In addition Chios is a beautiful island with 91 beaches of any kind and any taste. Moreover we higlight some beaches that most of our guests enjoy and we provide some usefull information in order to decide according to your taste. Generally, in Voulamandis House we have a habbit. 
We are very happy every day, before you start your journey, to recommend you an excursion based on the information of the locals,  combined with your needs and willings. Most of our guests enjoy this and are happy to co-organize their vacation . Above all most of our guests do have an idea what to visit but there are always some details of information they to clarify. Chios has many beaches that are not so called “organised”. By this term we mean that do not have a canteen. Some of the guests enjoy this , some not. There are guest that enjoy purely natural beaches. Thus on a daily basis after breakfast we always available to inform about anything they might need. So let’s start with the best swimming spots. In conclussion click below and get some ideas