Chios Kambos the Toscana of Chios

First of all the name “Kambos” (“campus” in Latin) is found in travellers’ accounts since 1673. Kambos is one of the most distinctive areas in Chios. Secondly, it is a unique residential complex, where the natural environment is in total harmony with the local architecture. In addition, it lies at a 6-kilometre-distance south of town, and is widely known for the impressive mansions with their citrus fruits gardens. Thirdly, the high walls are made to protect the citrus farms from the extreme weather conditions. Moreover, the Genoese and local aristocracy of Chios started building their mansions in the area in the 14th century.
Generally, the citrus fruits gardens used to be watered through wells with “maganos”, a traditional way of irrigation. Moreover,  the two or three storey mansions would guarantee the owners not only spectacular views, but also a way to observe their estate.
In addition the architecture of the area is impressive. Furthemore Its unique distinctive elements include arched doors and windows, decorated balconies and terraces, huge iron garden doors, marble paved yards and painted ceilings.

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