Lagada is a picturesque seaside village, located 16 kms northwest by the city of Chios, at the bay of Kolokithia. Here were relocated between 1910-1950 the residents of the today uninhabited area of Kidianta.

Built amphitheatrically at a Lagadi ( plain ), which explains the namesake of the village, the village is particularly rich with olive trees, eycalyptus, fruit-bearing trees and waters. It is crossed by the Krikelis river. Lagada is characterised by it’s narrow alleys, short houses and beautiful yards. West of Lagada expands the settlement of Agrelopos, which was named by the great number of wild olive trees. Today both of the settlements consist a residential unity.

High, at the east side of the village stand out the remnants of a Windmill one of the many in the area during the past that used to grind wheat.

From the picturesque seaport of Lagada, one can look towards the amazing view of Oinoussais island, which can be visited taking advantage one of the many scheduled sails.


In today’s Lagada, the visitor can find rooms or apartments to let. Also, at the numerous taverns and restaurants, one can enjoy delicious seafood but coffee and snacks too. Lagada doesn’t offer organised beaches, but still the shore there is an attraction. Eastern, at the edge of the port, is located the Fanaraki beach with its pebbles and the Karidas beach too.

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olympoi village
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