Mastic Gum :The Best Essence Of Chios

Mastic  is a natural gum that is produced by a tree. This tree is cultivated in the south part of the Chios island. Furthermore, it is a tree that produces gum, only in the south part of the island. The locales name it Chios Mastic .If someone tries to cultivate it,  in the middle or in the north part of the island, it will never produce naturally gum. Thus, it is so unique and special. 

It is unique and special not only for Greece but all over the world. Despite the attempts through the years, from foreigners to cultivate it abroad, no one succeeded.Many products are made from it. Products that are edible or hygiene. If our guests are interested to buy click here

Moreover, it has a long history. It has been cultivated for more than 2.500 years.

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Chios island main income in some period of time depended on this natural product. Nowadays, it is still an important income for the locals. Mainly for the ones that live in the south part of the island.

In conclussion, the visitor will be able to see the trees been cultivated specialy in July and August. Apart from that , they will be able to experience how mastic chios impacts the social life of the locals but also the culture of all this region.

 Songs, fiestsas , stories from the past , dances have been influenced by this product.  Thank you greekreporter for the video