Voulamandis House Q & A

We are aware of that choosing the right hotel for youR holidays is not an easy task. Thus we decided to exhibit all the queries we have been answering to our guests, in order to assist you on that.  In case still you need something to be clarified, please feel free to email , contact via socaila media or feel in the contact form on the main page. Usually we can come back to you asap.

Voulamandis House Position

Voulamandis House rooms

For families of 4 we recommend family apartments. In case you are a family of 5 then please inform us in advance about itor proceed with the option of standard room + economy double. Families with children 16+ then it would have been more comfortable to proceed with the option standard double ( with kitchen if needed) + economy or family apartment + economy depending on your budget.

For couples for short stays, we recommend an economy double or a standard double. For couples for longer stays (4days+) we recommend a standard double. Ofcourse all this is a matter of your budget too

For single use room , we recommend the economy double rooms . These rooms are the smallests sized rooms and more affordable. In case the guest though would like to have more convinience during its stay , can book also a standard double room

Not all rooms have kitchenette or a fully equipped kitchen. All Family apartments do have and some standard double rooms too. In case you would like to book a standard double with a kitchenette please contact us directly via email , or social media in order to inform you about availabilitty and price.

In case you like to book for 3 people( the 3rd person is achild or an adult) rooms that are suitable for this choice are the standard double rooms and family apartments. The thrid person wil sleep in a sofa bed in the standard doubles or a single bed in the apartments.

Voulamandis house offers a baby cot and there is no charge for it 

Family aparents are desinged for 4 people in total. In case you are a 5 person family then, this is possible but you need to inform us in advance. Furthermore we do recommend the option of a standard double combined with an economy double room , or a family apartment with an economy double room. The final decision depends on your budget. 

All rooms have double beds,  apart from the family rooms that have a double bed and two single beds. The standard double rooms though have a sofa bed which can be used as a single bed. Thus , in case you are 2 people that would like two single beds, book a standard double room. For 3 people that would like three single beds, the only option is two of them to sleep on a double ded and then third on the single sofa bed

Yes, we do offer a common kitchen that guests can use. But if you need it through out your stay you need to book a standard double with a kitchen or a family apartment,

Generally, rooms are not connected, are independent. We do offer though such a solution in some cases. There is a standard double room that can be used with an economy double room. Please contact us for further info.

Generally not. We do not offer such a solution to our guests.

VH offers breakfast. Usually it is not included in the daily rate. The cost is 10 euros/person per day. You can decide to join it while you stay in the accomodation, you just need to inform us a day before. 

Voulamandis House Reservation

In Voulamandis house you can make a reservation on a multiple ways. You can book through any OTA that our hotel is listed. For example booking.com , expedia.com etc . Furthermore, you can book directly to our hotel through our online booking engine. It is possbile also by calling us +30 2271031733 or +30 6944764654

Yes, our hotel has an online booking engine, where our guests can choose the type of room they like, check the availability and proceed to there reservation. The rates in our online booking engine are the lowest in the web, since very frequently we offer special offers and discounts, 

In case you book online, a valid credit card is needed. In case yoy book via phone , then we usually requests for a predeposit of  20% of the total cost depending on the season

Once you book online , or book via phone or any other way directly, we will send you an email with attached your reservation. Once you receive this email, then you reservation is firmed.

This is possible free of charge. 

VH  we accept visa/mastercard/ maestro. Payments via AMEX is not possbile. Furthermore also bank transfer and cash payment is accepted with a discount of 2% ( since visa or mastercard fees do not apply)

We do offer a parking place within the hotel , but mainly guests park in the street in front of the hotel.

Yes we do agree group reservations, specially for weddings or any other special events. We are not organising events, we just accomodate guests.