voulamandis house rooms

Voulamandis House has three type of rooms. Firstly are the economy double rooms. Secondly are the double trible rooms. Thirdly are the family apartments. Voulamandis House has a main building, with a ground and a first floor. In the main building the guest can find the economy double chios rooms and the double trible rooms. The family apartments are located in our beautiful citrus yard, surrounded by the mandarine and orange trees. All rooms have been fully renovated and are designed on a way to preserve the special architecture of the Kambos regio. In the same time though, they offer  all the modern amenities to its guests. Below you can explore to any time of room you like according to your needs. In conclusion feel free to contact us for any further clarification needed. You may contact us through our form or any other way.

family apartment
διαμερίσματα χιος
chios hotels
δίκλινα τρίκλινα δωμάτια
chios hotels
οικονομικα δικλινα