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Travel to Chios hotels and stay in Voulamandis House . This renovated mansion is wating to accomodate you


Chios hotels are spread all over the island. Voulamandis House is located in the region Kampos of Chios island . It is 6km far from the main town of Chios and just 3km from the famous sandy beach of Karfas. In addition Kambos is one of the most beautiful places of Chios hotels. In this area lots of mansions have been heritaged from the past, due to the fact that this area was the colony of the genoese

Similarly the Genovese mansion of the family-run Voulamandis House is located in a 12-acre farm with orange and mandarin trees in Kambos. It offers free wireless internet and free on-site parking.

Featuring stone-walls, the air-conditioned rooms and apartments at Voulamandis house offer views to the farm and direct access to the garden. Facilities also include an LCD TV, fridge and coffee maker.

Products from the mansion’s biological farm are used daily to serve breakfast in the garden under the vine roof. Τherefore our guests reward our breakfast with excellent reviews!

Voulamandis House is a welcoming mansion in a 12.000sqrm mandarine farm, noble in spirit but simple as its peasant traditions.

Our rooms are designed on a way to allow our guests feel like home. Simplicity combined with the architecture of Kambos region transfers you to another century. That time life was slower and people had time to interact , time to smell the aroma of the citrus yard, hear the early morning songs of the birds. Long discussions on the Verandas and laughters till late in the night, combined with the glass of local wine or a cold ouzo.

family apartment
family chios apartments

family chios apartments Firstly the family chios apartments are located apart from the main building of the Voulamandis house.  Moreover the economy double rooms and the double

chios hotels
double triple chios rooms

Standard Double Room Firstly the warm decoration and secondly the stony walls ensure you for a pleasant and enjoyable stay. No1, No3, No4, No5, No7 are renovated in

chios hotels
economy double

Economy double room Voulamandis House has two economy double rooms , the one is located in the first floor of the bulding and the second

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Located almost in the center of the island. This is the ideal position to explore Chios island. In addition Voulamandis House to the most interesting places in the southest or the northest place of the island, it takes approximately one hour. We recommend our guests to use a car rental since it is not that expensive and much more comfortable. Motorbike is a possible alternative too.

Start preparing your journey to Chios.

Here are some information about some interested features of Chios. Chios is a beautiful and big island and you will be able to spend each day on a different place and be able to see different and interesting things. On a daily basis we take about that. We manage to inform you in advance with beatiful daily proposals for chios excursions according to your needs and interests. We are so happy to do this for you and help you on exploring Chios

chios villages

chios villages are counted 64 in total. They are spread around the island. Most of them and the more active ones are in the south chios.

chios museums

chios museums are located in chios town and concetrate the culture and history and the traditions of the local society over the centuries

chios kambos

Chios Kambos the Toscana of Chios First of all the name “Kambos” (“campus” in Latin) is found in travellers’ accounts since 1673. Kambos is one of

chios beaches

91 chios beaches are waiting for you Firstly preparing for a trip and secondly deciding where to go and what to see is a pleasant

Activities in Chios not just stay in hotels

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chios thermal baths

chios thermal baths located in agiasmata just an hour and a half from voulamandis house chios hotels , usefull for healing and rehabilition

chios hiking

chios hiking is an interesting activity that you enjoy in chios island and combine it with photo shooting or drawing with a lot of trails.

greek language courses

Greek language courses in chios operated by Alexandria Institute Alexandria Institute organizes a chios greek language courses and culture course for all levels in Chios.

chios orchids

chios orchids Visitors can enjoy the wildflowers of Chios all year round. However, there is an impressive variety of flowers from late winter until early

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