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Chios is the fifth biggest island of Greece and is located in the Northern Aegean Sea. It is below the island of Lesvos and above Samos island. The island is very close to the Asia Minor coast, only 3.5 nautical miles from cape Pounta to Erythrea Inland in Cesme. It is the fifth largest Greek island (842 square kilometers) with a coastline of 213 kilometers and a population of 54.000.

The main local products are mastic, citrus fruits, olive oil, figs and wine. Chios mastic is a unique product. Apart from the local agricultural products, Chios is famous for its maritime tradition. A lot of Chiots work in the Merchant Navy sector whereas some of the most important Greek shipping companies have been founded by families that come from the island. The town of Chios, called “Chora” by the locals, is the capital of the island.

The Regional Unit of Chios includes the islands of Chios, Psara, Antipsara and Oinousses. Administratively, it is divided into three municipalities: Chios, Psara and Oinousses.

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chios beaches
chios beaches

Chios beaches

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chios museums, Μουσεία Χίος
chios museums

The Exciting Chios museums

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greek language
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Courses in historic great Greek Language

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thermal baths,Ιαματικά Λουτρά Χίος
chios thermal baths

The Refreshing Thermal Baths

chios thermal baths located in agiasmata just an hour and a half from voulamandis house chios hotels , usefull for healing and rehabilition